About Us

About Us

Andean Pacific Coffee was born from the desire to share knowledge with producers from different regions of Peru. Coffee from Peru has a great potential and we seek to develop long term relationships with producers from different areas and evaluate year after year their improvements. There is no other way to accomplish the constant improvement of the quality of our producers. Only by getting involved on the producing chain, going to their fields, intervining in their processes and knowing their problems is that we can accomplish true change.

We will not copy and paste text of our missions and visión. Our goals are very clear and we want to set a preceden ton how to make agro-business in the world of coffee.


We want to be a factor for change in the productive chain of special coffee, delivering tolos to the producers to enhance productivity and improve quality of all of the processes on which we are involved.

As a consequence we will generate a largest economic retribution, making an impact on the development of the life quality of the producers that work with us.


Vision and what specific work we’ll do to accomplish our mission.
Of the 3 large macro áreas we seek to add the greates amount of value to each of them by developing each of the following tasks:

Field work

  • Trainings and talks for groups of producers in subjects such as sustainable agriculture, organic and sustainable regulations, preparation of coffees, sensory estimulation, harvesting and post-harvesting, storage, basic toasting principles, all of that in hopes to enhance the quality and uniformity of the product.
  • Evaluation visits to each farm in order to gather images and information to explain the productive chain of the coffee, and prove that we are truly involved with each and every one of them.
  • Meetings with managers from different governmental institutions, cooperatives, associations of independant producers, NGO’s and any group that can help us obtain cross-benefits from any negotiations with them.


Active improvement

  • Working with the best supplier of transportation services, coffee stacking, gravimetric, selection by color and suppliers of grainpro bags.
  • Coffee sampling from our partners and suppliers in order to have a database based on quality and in case of any problems, look for corrections and improve the quality.