Cuzco Coffee


Cuzco Coffee

Cuzco is located south of Peru, and is worldwide known for having one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu.

It is in this context that high quality coffee with very small volumes is produced.

Cuzco is a vast region on which distances, the difficult connectivity, the maintenance of their traditions and the impressive conservation of nature play a significant role throughout the process.

Cuzco’s history has not been easy at all, since the lack of policies focused on agriculture, external projects that have employed coffee producers on other labors and the yellow rust, which devastated a large amount of the coffee plantations of the whole region have been determining factors in the quality and quantity of production in the region.

This has also made a natural selection in which only the best coffe growers in the region have remained, those who are not collectors, who are all year in their fields, applying constant improvements and want to stand out with their coffee. In short, true farmers.

The City of Cuzco (Officially “City of Cusco”) is a city of Peru located in the southeastern side of the country. It has an área of over 71 900 km2 that comprehend mostly mountainous territories, the lowest of which are covered by the amazon jungle.

The first andine civilizations with the Huari and Tiahuanaco influence are located on this region. It was also cradle of the Incan Empire and site for the resistance of the Vilcabamba Incans after the conquest of Peru. It is in this city, in the Marcahuasi estate, where the first vine of the american continet was cultivated, in the 16th century.




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