Junín Coffee


Junín Coffee

The Department of Junin is a great coffee supplier in Peru. Its crops are surrounded by protected forest reserves, national sanctuaries, a large amount of native communities, fruit producing áreas and various vegetables.

This department is going through a transition process in their history of coffee production, seeking to improve quality and productivity of their coffees.

Junin is a department in Peru, located in the center area of the country. It covers territories of the Eastern slope of the Andens Mountains in several altitudes, including valleys and puna on the mountain range and the area covered by the amazon. It limites with the cities of Pasco, Ucayali, Cuzco, Ayacuchi, Huancavelica and Lima. It was called Department of Tarma until 1825.

Provincia Capital
Chanchamayo La Merced
Chupaca Chupaca
Concepción Concepción
Huancayo Huancayo
Jauja Jauja
Junín Junín
Satipo Satipo
Tarma Tarma
Yauli La Oroya

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