Pasco Coffee


Pasco Coffee

In the year 2005 Pasco bowed out the finest coffee in the world. Villa Rica, one of its main cities and where the influence of experts has made this area stand out.
That’s the reason for our interest in Pasco, since we know of its potential, we know we can achieve impressive results here.

With the ONG CEDEPAS in Villa Rica we are involved with a very interesting group of young people, with which we are already working very hard to obtain special coffees.

The people, the weather, the high quality, good productivity and culture in general of the people in pasco are factors that make it stand out above other coffee producing regions.

Pasco is a City of Peru, located in the center of the country, on the Eastern slope of the Andes. It was founded on November 27, 1944, Split from the department of Junin. It has an área of 25 300 km2.
The western side correspondes to the Node of Pasco, zone of high plateaus and puna, seat of miners, whereas the Eastern side correspondes to the High Forest or Amazonian yunga, inhabited by settlers and indigenous of the arahuaca family.

Provincia Capital
Pasco Cerro de Pasco
Daniel Carrión Yanahuanca
Oxapampa Oxapampa






Villa Rica


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