The Ecumenic Center of Promotion and Social Action CEDEPAS was founded on the year 1984 with the main purpose of intervening in the process of local and regional development of farmers and producers in the area.
Its there where we found points in common and we decided to work as godfathers of the Project, where the main objective is to be a contribution in the development of young producers involved in the improvement plan. Whats interesting is that none of them go above 30 years as a principle in CEDEPAS, which gives the possibility to refresh the involved on the productive process of coffee.

Our product

The young producers that make up the asociation have different varieties such as caturra, catimor, parche, típica, bourbon as well as others. The objective and what we are after is to develop tastes and special characteristics for our coffees where that will be the main focus… special coffees.

Results and Benefits

Andean Pacific Coffee will be the a consultant for the more tan 40 youngsters in a 3-year Project called “Strenghtening the capacities of young coffee growers in the special coffee chain from the disctric of Villa Rica, Oxapampa, Pasco”; where in first instance the main points to work in the production of specialty coffees will be:

  • Improvement of productivity and consistence of coffees worked by beneficiaries.
  • Improvement of the quality of coffees worked by youngsters.
  • The delivery of tools to create solid foundations in concepts of special coffees in basic barista, fermentations, drying and storage.



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