Agrarian cooperative of Coffee-Producing women on Pichanaki

Agrarian cooperative of Coffee-Producing women on PichanakiCoffee Industry

Cooperativa Agraria de Mujeres Productoras de Café

The Agrarian cooperative of Coffee-Producing women on Pichanaki was founded by a group of small producers seeking to obtain better prices for their high quality coffee.
It is not a secret for anyone that with the work made by women you can accomplish superior results, due to their dedication and meticulousness.

The ability to diversify the productive matrix that the women producers of coffee have is very interesing. They never settle and look for ways to be a contribution to the families economy.

Partners of the cooperative produce, besides coffee, yuca, potatoes, cacao and honey. They also have a toaster where they toast their coffees to distribute them in the local market and show the great potential with which they count to their own neighbors of all Pichanaki and the region.

Within the fundamental demands and principles we teach the producers is to push them back into the land, to become farmers again.

A lot is talked about sustainability, certifications and social projects. Truth is no Project, and no plan is good if it has no real impact mesurable and repeatable within the group. Our efforts are set on taking these concepts to the next level, where knowledge is key of or proposal, knowledge is the only “thing” that no one will ever take away from you. We want to show that it is posible to make a bussines with coffee that add value to all of the people involved.

Our products

We have different qualities which will progressively improve year by year as the planned improvements are applied for each critical point in the chain. We have special grade, grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3.

Purpose of the Project

From the moment we had the opportunity to be strategic partners of the Agrarian Cooperative of Coffee-Producing women of Pichanaki we realized their huge potential.

Andean Pacific Coffee will contribute on different áreas of the productive chain with trainings and advisories in the following áreas:

  • Improvement of consistence and productivity of coffe worked by partners of the cooperative.
  • Improvement of the quality of coffees worked by partners.
  • Main principles on controlled fermentation.
  • Training on toasting optimization, since the cooperativa has its own toaster.
  • Improvement of the Coffee purchasing process.
  • Training on extraction methods and coffee preparation.
  • Commercial Representation



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