Cuzco Coffee Project

Cuzco Coffee Project


Cuzco has privileged scenarios for the creation of very good coffee. Its average heights are about 1400 msnm so there is great potential throughout the region.

It is in this climatic and scenic diversity that our spirit of search and constant improvement has made us land in its fertile lands.

The oportunity of working with a small group of farmers allows us to have a great control in the diverse processes the creation of special coffees go through.

Our products

Within the allies we have in Cuzco, we have altitudes of over 1600mts.

The varieties we have are geisha, caturra, típica and catimor.

The focus of this coffes is that of specials with great stock potential.

Purpose of the Project

In the spirit of Andean Pacific Coffee is traveling, knowing and letting know of the different coffees in Peru. And what better region to see the great diversity in height, climates, soils and post harvest and harvesting techniques, than directly in the cuzquean coffee.

Its in our misión to invite you to decipher why the different sensory profiles of these coffees.



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