David Vivanco Coffee Project

David Vivanco Coffee Project

The relationship with David was born because of the great potential of the coffes in his fields, the coffee of his family, the wish to move forward and grow in the world of special coffee.
His coffees have managed to be in some of the special coffee shop in several countries but with the Alliance of a cooperative. This year he wants to go with his name and we want to represent and advice him. If we add to this background the desire to consolidate in the market and the passion they feel for coffe, it is no coincidence that we found eachother along the road.

Our products

David has several hectares of the Caturra variety, with which we hope to develope special coffees is amazing features. David is one of our biggest personal bets and we are going to support him in every way possible.

Since 2016 we are refining concepts in order to accomplish the goals we are looking for together.

Purpose of the Project

The work of Andean Pacific Coffee with this partnership is to enhance the abilities and capacities of each of the members of this cooperative in the critical points of the chain. We are expecting to see the results of this Alliance that we are sure will be amazing.

Within this years main objectives we have:

  • Improvement of productivity and consistency of coffees worked by beneficiaries with a focus on production of high quality coffee.
  • Improving the quality of the coffees worked by each of the project partners through the application of fermentation, drying and storage techniques.



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