What´s the coffee for us?

Coffee is definitively a subject that we are passionate about, and has forced us to the limit of our senses. Coffee is our reason of being, and we are lucky to have the amazing opportunity to participate in several áreas of this wonderful product.

Coffee market is changing and those who are ahead of this change will be better prepared to deal with the new chanllenges this implies.

The factors that affect these changes are several and go from the climatic change, new consumption habits, lesser productiond and productivity, injustice by intermediaries, new varieties among many others.

It is always said that coffee is a “commodity”, which turns it into an object valued and paid for by people who know nothing about the work and sacrifice behind producing each seed of this precious product in the offices in London and New York. This is where the problem is born. Seeing a social phenomenom (which coffee is), a product that generates more tan 26 million direct jobs as something that is bought at 1 and must be sold at 2. This is what triggers the disaster.

The intention to share the job we are doing with each group is to make aware of the enormous work behind every part of the productive chain of coffee.

We need partners that bet for the development of this proposals of long-term development and that want to go forward along with us in every step of the way.

This is just beginning, the best is yet to come.

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